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  • Infant Jesus of Prague Prayer Chaplet

    Infant of Prague Chaplet


    This beautiful red crystal chaplet has 12 beads and an Infant of Prague medallion.

    Chaplet Prayer to the Holy Infant Jesus

    Holding the Infant Jesus medal, pray the following invocation:

    Divine Infant Jesus, You are the enfleshment of God’s love.
    In Your child-like humanity, we see the God we cannot see and experience Divine Trust and Hope.
    Help me to accept the crosses of my life, so that they do not overwhelm, shrink or destroy me, but rather transform me into seeing Your presence amid the painful and dark times of life.
    Give me wonder and innocence of a child who trusts You as my brother and God as my Father.

    On the first three beads pray:

    “And the Word was made flesh and dwells among us.”
    Infant Jesus, You hold the whole world in Your hands. Teach me to trust you.

    (Follow with an Our Father)

    On the twelve beads of the chaplet, pray:

    ”And the Word was made flesh and dwells among us.”
    Infant Jesus, by becoming one of us You made all humanity holy. Help us live as Your brothers and sisters, the daughters and sons of God.

    (Silent pause after each one)

    At the end, pray:

    Miraculous Infant Jesus, bless and protect us in the embrace of Divine Mercy.

  • Infant of Prague Magnetic Pin

    Infant of Prague Enamel Magnet Pin


    A special magnetic pin for those devoted to the Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague.

  • Infant Jesus of Prague Lapel Pin

    Infant of Prague Lapel Pin


    This Infant Jesus of Prague lapel pin is a beautiful way to show your devotion!