Thoughts from Fr. Carl Markelz,
Director of the League of the Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague

October/November 2023

October and especially November are times of the year when Catholic and other brother and sister Christians recall our deceased loved ones and honor them. While it is important to mourn, we can also remember that with every death there is new life.

A simple way to think of death is as a transition into eternal life. Like a seed becoming a tree
nourished by the sun and water and drawn heavenward, our souls find life in God’s eternal
embrace drawing us into His Love.
And, like the Christ Child, go to Him with open loving arms.

Please, pray for your beloved already born into new life and take some time to imagine or meditate on your own beautiful and wonderful birth into eternal life: meeting God’s full hug, reuniting with loved ones, and lasting peace.

Our Prayer

Infant Jesus, you lost loved ones and suffered a dying of your own before your new life. Help us to mourn, pray for, and know the joy of being reunited fully with you and our cherished ones in eternal life. Show us your tender saving grace in this life and in the life to come. 
(pause to remember loved ones).   

With the Love of the Christ Child,
Fr. Carl Markelz, O.Carm.
Prior Provincial
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