Thoughts from Fr. Carl Markelz,
Director of the League of the Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague

February/March 2024

As spring will soon unfold around us, I’m struck by the profound symbolism in the seeds of this season. Much like these seeds hold the promise of a bountiful harvest, our faith in the Miraculous Infant Jesus who becomes the Glorious Christ, the Messiah, mirrors the journey made by tiny seeds to a harvest that feeds.

The Infant, like a seed, teaches us that even the smallest beginnings can lead to extraordinary outcomes. As Christians, our calling is to cultivate the seed of faith within our hearts and bring forth the glory of Christ in our daily lives.

Let this spring be a time of renewed commitment to nurturing the seeds of faith within us. May our hearts bloom with the radiant love of the Miraculous Infant Jesus, and may we find inspiration in the miraculous journey from a humble seed to the magnificent Christ.

In the coming weeks, let’s unite in prayer, reflection, and community, celebrating the growth of the Infant Jesus within us. May this season bring about spiritual renewal and a deepening connection with the divine.

Our Prayer

Dear Jesus, in my heart there is rest for you: your life, your love, and your good–it’s true. Bury the seed of your life deep within me. Let it become food to nurture good in the world beyond me.


In the Heart of The Infant,
Fr. Carl Markelz, O.Carm.
Prior Provincial
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