Thoughts from Fr. Carl Markelz,
Director of the League of the Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague

December 2023/January 2024

In a world that sometimes feels overshadowed by darkness, we know the sun always rises. As we navigate the challenges that life presents, we’ve discovered profound lessons in finding light amidst the shadows, joy in the depths of suffering, and goodness even in the most trying of circumstances.

Reflecting on these moments, we’re reminded of the challenge posed by the Infant – a challenge to perceive the world with wonder, to embrace gladness, and to foster gratitude in our hearts. The Infant’s innocent gaze invites us to see the world anew, with eyes filled not only with awareness but also with awe.

Your hands are the loving hands that cradle and care
for the world, much like the gentle cradle of the Infant.
Your contributions show the goodness that exists, even
in the face of adversity.

Let’s live like the Infant, spreading warmth and love
wherever we go. Together, let us be the light that
brightens the whole world.

Our Prayer
Son of Mary, Son of God, you bring the brightest light of Love into the world. Born human, you redeem humanity. Born into creation, you illuminate all that exists. Shine your light on the hearts of all our family and friends and bring them into your love.

Held in the hand of the Infant,
Fr. Carl Markelz, O.Carm.
Prior Provincial
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