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Father Cyril was the first devotee of The Infant. As he was praying before his beloved but broken statue of the Child Jesus, the statue came to life and implored him, “Be kind to me…”

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Infant of Prague Chaplet

Father Cyril obeyed. He was kind and he honored the Infant. After much praying, much heartbreak, many tears, Father Cyril was rewarded; he was able to have the cherished statue repaired, enclosed in an ornate crystal case, and placed near the
church’s sacristy where the faithful could come and honor and pray for the Infant’s intercession.

And those who yearned for relief, consolation, and hope DID come to the Divine Infant. And the Child Christ blessed them with miracles.

Jesus promised special graces, above all purity of heart and innocence, to all who carried the Chaplet and prayed it in honor of His holy infancy. I hope this simple, beautiful and compelling devotional encourages you to entrust your crosses to the Child Jesus and receive the blessings He has for you.

When you give today – in the midst of the uncertainty of these times – you are answering Christ’s call to help us care for “the little children.” You are honoring the Infant of Prague.

Thank you for caring about the little children around the world who bear the burden of life’s greatest trials.

In His hands and His heart,

Very Rev. Carl J. Markelz, O. Carm.
Prior Provincial

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Home » Infant of Prague Chaplet

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